Trail Construction

The fun stuff! Pathfinder Trail Building has experience with machine and hand built trail construction techniques. We like to build fun, whether that be a flowy beginner trail or a downhill trail to test the mettle of riders or maybe its a simple couple lines for the kids to learn the basics on.


Trail Maintenance and Upgrades

Every trail needs it, it's what keeps those wonderful ribbons of dirt awesome! We have the capability to help with comprehensive maintenance or support clean up days by having crew on hand to do the heavy lifting, or maybe it's to help manage volunteers and guide them in the right direction on special projects and trail segment upgrades.

Trail Design and Planning


Trail Media

The trails are built, now it's time to let people know about them. Adam Buck of Pathfinder Trail Building has roots in the world of action sports videography and photography. We'll document the build and trails so you have exciting content to advertise your new trails with!